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Learn to hack the flow state and enter the zone with this revolutionary training method.


Your 4 free flow state courses

Free Course #1 

The Science of Flow

Discover the science behind why we feel at “One” while in the flow. This is the same “Oneness” budhist monks experience while in deep meditation. This 7-part video series will teach you what makes being flow so addictive.

Inside you’ll discover: 

What science, neuroscience and psychology have to say about the flow. 

How EXACTLY your brain mixes  that hormonal cocktail called Flow

Why Your heart rate variability is directly related to your ability to access flow

How to tap into the deepest parts of our brains to transcend into the flow

Free Course #2 

The Path To Flow

Take a deeper look at how to hack into and stay in the flow. This bonus will show you how to crack the code to maintain the flow. Understanding the autonomic nervous system’s link to flow and how to work with your ANS through heart rate variability! This 4- part video series will teach you how to enter flow and drop your resistance along the way… 

Inside you’ll discover: 

How to overcome your deepest darkest fears and enter the flow… without anxiety

Why your energy determines what you attract in life… GOOD and BAD

Breaking down the 4 stages of flow… What each stage means for you. 

Training and Priming The Flow State

Free Course #3 

Instant Flow Meditation

This streamlined package will help you accelerate into the flow. I walk you through the 3-step formula so you will quickly hack into flow anytime you want! There’s no better way to access the flow on command… 

Inside you’ll discover:

Use this 3 step formula to instantly enter flow…

Implement a primal breathing technique into your life so you can achieve balance in all aspects of life

Transform your self from stressed and on edge into the flow with one simple meditation.

Free Course #4 

Flow Movement Meditation

This course incorporates practical training towards hacking into the flow giving your physical movements that can hack you into flow. PLUS 4 extra powerful tools to accelerate the process. 

Inside you’ll discover: 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu secrets for entering the flow 

The powerful movement meditation technique to change the direction of flow 

Secret behind of binaural beats and how to use them to control your brainwaves 

Setting life changing intentions and making continuous improvement in flow


McKinsey & Co Reported a 500% boost in productivity


The University of Sydney found subjects to have a 430% increase in creative problem solving! 



Darpa funded Study reports 490% acclerarion in learning


Research has shown that only 4 days of meditation can produce a 200% boost in creativity.

C Wilson Meloncelli 

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The Path To The Flow state