Behind The Fear, Anxiety and Stress Lies Your Full Potential. 

The Mavericks



The Path To The Flow state

Tap Into The Flow State ON-Demand AND Discover What You’re Really Capable Of!


Become a Maverick

C Wilson meloncelli 

The Mavericks 

The Mavericks is a unique group of like-minded individuals with a collective goal of expressing life in the flow state and becoming the greatest versions of themselves. 

The core requirements to be part of the Mavericks is an unrelenting drive towards achieving personal mastery and the desire to conquer the flow state. 

In today’s dynamic world it takes more than just hard work to become the best what you do. That’s where Wilson steps in. 

Over the course of your journey, Wilson Meloncelli will personally train you to enter the flow state on demand, perform at your peak levels, and shape you to be strong & adaptable like bamboo so you can overcome any challenge. In this program you’ll shatter your beliefs on what’s truly possible and discover how to perform tasks with laser-like focus, free up more time in your personal life, and remain cool as ice. 

The core approach of the Mavericks 

The 4 Pillars 

If you want to achieve your personal definition of success, then you must learn to find your flow in the 4 pillars. The Mavericks works towards establishing a coherence with 4 pillars so life in flow can be fully expressed and shared with others.





Physical: Burst Through Limitations And Build A Body You’re Able To Rely On For The Rest Of Your Life. 

Mental: Develop An Iron-Mind Dramatically Improve Your Creativity, Productivity, And Problem Solving Capabilities. 

Emotional: Improve Your Emotional Intelligence And Improve Your Ability To Connect With Self And Others. 

Material: Supercharge Your Career or Business And Watch How Instantly Valuable You Become

How you act in one of the pillars determine your results in the remaining three. Wilson trains you how to take full control of all four pillars so you can take your personal and professional life to the next level.


McKinsey & Co Reported a 500% boost in productivity


The University of Sydney found subjects to have a 430% increase in creative problem solving! 



Darpa funded Study reports 490% acclerarion in learning


Research has shown that only 4 days of meditation can produce a 200% boost in creativity.

“Working with Wilson has been great! He actually cares about your growth. For never having met him in person, it’s reassuring to know that I am being coached by someone who’s committed to seeing me thrive. In only a month, I’ve learned so much and feel more present in my life. When challenges arise, I’m beginning to see it all as an opportunity, and am able to flow more easily. I’m confident that the journey ahead will only get better. I’m so happy and grateful I found and invested in this program!”


Belén Pereyra
Professional dancer

“I told myself for weeks I could not do this because I was too busy, needed the money for something else, or maybe it was just a fad. I promise anyone, if you’re hungry for your passion to work or wants to turn up your health, family, life, family, Business to a 10/10, this is a MUST. I am only 2 months into Wilson’s programme and I have to be honest, I have only managed to stick the challenges 65% of the time, BUT the changes are incredible. Wilson himself is an first class facilitator. The skills and organisation , personal health and mental clarity I’ve gained has already paid off. I am stepping up my commitment and helping to spread the word because we all need more of this.
Good luck and hopefully connect with anyone who’s done, doing or thinking of doing this soon.
Kind regards”

Paul Richmond, Musician, CEO of Superbrain Heroes 

“If you are looking for another level of meditation, to benefit your life in any regard, trust me when I tell ya, Wilson is your man.”

Jon Anderson,

Professional Wrestler, IFBB professional bodybuilder, Ranked in the top 10 of The World’s Strongest Man

C Wilson Meloncelli 

The Mavericks

The Path To The Flow state