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The Secret to Consistency

How to Use Heart Rate Variability to Hack Your Willpower and Stay Focused.

Today, I want to talk to you about the one thing that’s stopping you from achieving your goals and creating the life of your dreams.


If you solve this one problem, everything else will take care of itself. 


You know how there are days when you are full of energy, motivated and focused. You go out there and seize the day, being in flow. 


But then on some days, you feel lethargic and struggle to get through the day. You are constantly distracted. And it feels impossible to concentrate. You procrastinate. And then feel guilty at the end of the day.


You rely on random bursts of motivation that come and go. Failing to build momentum and making any real progress.

You know you could do so much more and achieve so much more. 


Only if you stayed on the path…


Only if you had the willpower to resist cravings and distractions… 

But something is stopping you. And you keep falling back into old patterns. Never really taking your vision, your health, your relationships to the next level.  Just like everyone else. Everyone “tries” to be better. 


But no one sticks to anything beyond 2-3 weeks. Jumping from one thing to another.  Months, years, decades pass by just like this. And then they wonder with regret what their life could have been.


If you’re here… if you’re listening to me… you’re different.  You are not like other people who just want to get by. 


You have that hunger… that drive to strive for bigger things in life.  But ask yourself, are you truly living up to your potential? If not, Why?


You may already sense what the problem is. 

And if you fix that problem… if you learn to show up every day… you’ll become an unstoppable force of momentum.


And the more consistent you get, the easier it gets for you to get into flow… your peak performance state where work seems like play.


But if you keep starting and stopping… if you keep getting interrupted by distractions… you’ll get nowhere. The flow state will always be elusive.


It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently. 


I’ve been in your position.

I’ve experienced the struggle, the feeling of being lost, the helplessness.


Trying to be better but falling back into old ways. Feeling stuck and not making any progress.

I learned through pain and failures. And I was lucky to find coaches who helped me overcome my mental roadblocks.


I went on to become the British MMA champion in 2001. 


And then… I worked as a stuntman for a decade… I’ve trained people in martial arts… I’ve worked in the fitness industry… 


But helping others overcome their mental barriers and achieve flow has been the most fulfilling work of my life.


I’ve been coaching for close to 25 years now. 


But over the last few years, my coaching methods have totally changed.


You see, the world around us is changing rapidly.  We are surrounded by distractions 24×7. Social Media, Emails, Instant Messaging, Netflix. 


We have new addictions. And self-control is getting harder and harder. Physical and mental health issues are on the rise. 


Human attention span is at its lowest ever. People are losing the capacity to focus and concentrate. And they are consumed by stress and anxiety.


But at the same time…


We now have access to cutting-edge technology and research about the human mind and body. Psychology experiments, brain scans, EEG, Heart Rate Variability.


Thanks to all of these things… We are now able to reverse-engineer things like happiness, discipline, flow state, and even willpower.


And of all the things you could do… if you could reverse-engineer willpower… if you could hack willpower and increase it… your life would change rapidly. 


Because the ability to avoid distractions and stay focused on your goals is a superpower. 


So how do you do it? Let’s understand how willpower works. 


Say, if you’re working… you’re focused and about to get in the flow… but there’s a notification on your phone. And you have a strong urge to check your phone. 


You need to exercise willpower to ignore that and stay focused. 


When we exercise willpower, the brain launches a sequence of events called the pause-and-plan response. It starts with the detection of conflict (and possible future regret) in our brain.

Pause and plan is essentially the opposite of the body’s fight or flight response. Instead of speeding up, our body slows down. Breathing gets slower, and the body relaxes. The goal is to put the body in a calm mode so that we will have mental clarity for thoughtful action.


It turns out Heart Rate Variability is the single best physiological measurement of the “pause and plan” response.


A lot of new research has established that people with higher HRV are better at ignoring distractions, delaying gratification, and dealing with stress. They are less likely to give up on difficult tasks even if they initially fail.


And if you’ve been following me for a while, you’d also know that your ability to get into the flow state is also closely linked with Heart Rate Variability.

Navy SEALs, Elite athletes, and Top CEOs are already leveraging these advanced methods to perform at the highest level in high stakes situations. 


Most people are not aware of any of these ideas. It’s an opportunity to set yourself apart and create an almost unfair advantage for yourself.


The ability to get into Flow and put in deep focused work is a very rare ability. Especially in this age when everyone is constantly distracted. And it’s going to be the most valuable skill in the future.

Now, how can you hack into the flow state? How do you increase your HRV? What other methods the elites are using?

I can give you all the information you need. 

But the actual challenge is to implement it consistently. Day after day.

Because without sustained efforts, nothing will work.

How can you get yourself to be that consistent? That’s the major challenge. 

All of us have a different set of challenges. Your body and mind are unique. 

You need someone to push you, encourage you and keep you accountable. Give you a kick in the ass when you need it, and lift you up when you feel down. 


You need someone to tell you exactly what you need to do and how to do it. And then give you constant feedback. 


And something like Heart Rate Variability is different for everyone. It’s like the fingerprint of your nervous system. You need nuanced and individualized training to improve it.


I’ve put together a new coaching system to help you exactly do all these things. 


They say it takes 66 days to form a new habit. 


But a permanent lifestyle change takes 99 days. 


Do something for 99 days and it will become a part of your identity. The ideas will get cemented into your psyche for the rest of your life.


That’s the idea behind The Mavericks.


The Mavericks will be a 99-day transformation journey. 


The program will be totally customized to your situation and goals. And I’ll hold your hand and guide you every step of the way. 


We’ll work together to optimize every area of your life: Training, Sleep, Nutrition, Mindset, Lifestyle


Customized workout, diet, meditation plans. To elevate your physical health as well as mental health. 


We’ll leverage technology to monitor your HRV and Brain Waves. And I’ll personally train you to hack into the flow state at will.


I’ll constantly be in touch with you through voice messages and weekly calls. 


You’ll have complete access to me and all my resources. 


I’ll be keeping track of your progress data. And make sure you’re putting in the work every single day. 


The program will combine western science with eastern teachings.


At the end of the day, the real battle is the battle you face with yourself. You need a warrior mindset to go into that battle every day. 


And you can only win that battle if you’re in tune with your body and mind. You need to know when you need to recover and when you need to go in hard.


The idea is to train you as a Samurai. So that you can learn how to be calm like a monk, yet fierce like a warrior. 


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will change your life forever.


On the 100th day, you’ll look back at the person you used to be and smile in amazement. 


People around you won’t be able to understand what happened to you almost overnight. 


Putting in the work will feel like fun. Your productivity will go through the roof


Your competition won’t be able to keep up with you. Stress and anxiety would seem like foreign concepts.


You’ll have more time for your family and loved ones. You’ll be healthier than ever. 


And there will be an overwhelming sense of happiness and fulfillment in your life. 


That’s my promise. 


This is a one-of-its-kind Flow State Coaching System. There’s nothing like it.


But I must WARN you. This is NOT for everyone. The Mavericks is only for men and women hungry for success and willing to learn with an open mind. 


We need to be a good fit to work together. And yes, you will have to make an investment.


But this will be one decision you will look back at and say “It changed my life.”


Since I’ll be working one-on-one, there are only a few spots available. 


I’m rolling this out slowly. So for now, we’re offering The Mavericks at a special launch price. 


The investment will double once we put out the success stories of the first batch of warriors. 


If you’re ready to change your life, click the link below and fill out the application form.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. 


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