Discover how to 5x your skill, sport or profession, while simultaneously eliminating distractions, sporadic motivation, lack of clarity and the feeling of self-sabotage 


Apply To The Mavericks and get your own 11-step customized blueprint to the flow state.

You will learn to cultivate the traits of a Maverick & access The Flow State on command.

Catapult your performance in the next 99 days.

Get your own 11-step customized blueprint to the flow state.

You will learn to cultivate the traits of a Maverick & access The Flow State on command.

Catapult your performance in the next 99 days.


Wilson Meloncelli

Meet Wilson Meloncelli, the visionary founder of Mavericks, whose revolutionary approach to achieving flow has transformed the lives of over 45,000 individuals worldwide. With more than 25 years of experience, Wilson is a trusted authority in unlocking the secrets of the flow state.

His expertise extends beyond theory and into practice, as he has guided world-class athletes, fortune 500 CEOs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and creative professionals to tap into their full potential.

Wilson’s profound understanding of the physical, mental, emotional, and material requirements for achieving flow has positioned him as a leading expert in the field.

As an accomplished author, Wilson has shared his knowledge through numerous books and courses dedicated to mastering the flow state. He brings a wealth of wisdom and practical strategies to help individuals elevate their performance and live their dreams.

With a remarkable background as a former Stunt Performer and the ex-British Champion in MMA, Wilson’s diverse experiences have shaped his unique perspective on optimizing human performance. In addition, he has built a 7-figure business, demonstrating his ability to translate his expertise into tangible results.

Join the ranks of those who have benefited from Wilson’s guidance and step into a new realm of excellence. Discover the transformative power of flow with Wilson Meloncelli and unlock your true potential.


Anna Fitzgerald

Our head Creative Flow State Coach and has been working with Wilson for over 3 years now. Author of a number of flow state creative courses. With over 20 years of experience in a variety of coaching fields such as arts nonprofit management, music industry, and research which bridges culture, art, and science into everyday lifestyle. Anna has successfully worked with some influential artists, musicians, dancers, photographers, writers, actors, designers, and entrepreneurs. She holds a degree in art education and a master’s in radio/tv/film in media studies. Her passionate specialty is an adaptation of lifestyle using heart rate variability and creative purpose as a compass for living and creating without burnout.

Eddie Quinlan

Our positive psychologist and flow state mindset coach. He has been working with Wilson for over 3 years. For over 20 years Eddie worked in the financial services and technology industry. Working with some of the largest global banks, hedge funds, and asset owners, reporting directly to the CEOs, COOs, and CTOs. Eddie also is a mentor and coach for young musicians who helps as a volunteer. Guiding the youth for years as an electronic music producer and DJ. Eddie is currently studying a master’s in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London and is a certified NLP Practitioner.

Aris Tranganidas

Aris is a health and performance coach dedicated to blending science with practical action. His formal education background in Electrical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence fuels his unique approach to optimizing human potential. As a certified CHEK practitioner and Movement Scientist, Aris has coached athletes, CEOs and much in between to have more energy, perform pain-free, and align their lifestyles with their dreams and intentions.

“Working with Wilson has been great! He actually cares about your growth. For never having met him in person, it’s reassuring to know that I am being coached by someone who’s committed to seeing me thrive. In only a month, I’ve learned so much and feel more present in my life. When challenges arise, I’m beginning to see it all as an opportunity, and am able to flow more easily. I’m confident that the journey ahead will only get better. I’m so happy and grateful I found and invested in this program!”


Belén Pereyra
Professional dancer

“I told myself for weeks I could not do this because I was too busy, needed the money for something else, or maybe it was just a fad. I promise anyone, if you’re hungry for your passion to work or wants to turn up your health, family, life, family, Business to a 10/10, this is a MUST. I am only 2 months into Wilson’s programme and I have to be honest, I have only managed to stick the challenges 65% of the time, BUT the changes are incredible. Wilson himself is an first class facilitator. The skills and organisation , personal health and mental clarity I’ve gained has already paid off. I am stepping up my commitment and helping to spread the word because we all need more of this.
Good luck and hopefully connect with anyone who’s done, doing or thinking of doing this soon.
Kind regards”

Paul Richmond, Musician, CEO of Superbrain Heroes 

“If you are looking for another level of meditation, to benefit your life in any regard, trust me when I tell ya, Wilson is your man.”

Jon Anderson,

Professional Wrestler, IFBB professional bodybuilder, Ranked in the top 10 of The World’s Strongest Man


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